Today: New Trench-Tested Blueprint to a Proven Local Honey-Pot / Easy Recurring Services

Published: Thu, 03/23/23


There's a Red-Hot Local Niche
Emerging in 2023 and these two
long-time marketers have had 
awesome success using a simple
strategy to close these new clients..

In this Complete Niche Busting Kit
they're sharing their strategies and 
Even giving you All the Resources
Required to bring in a Steady Stream
of New Business from this niche..

About The Niche: This Lucrative
Local Niche has been around, but
it's Just Now (in 2023) Exploding
Again because of various factors
in the economy and politics.

A niche that Spends Big on Lead
Generation Every Week...and it's
Proven they can afford to Spend
Big on Promotions & Marketing.

This niche is being promoted by
every media outlet as well as by
government too! (You'll see it all
on the page)..

These local marketers will show
you how they added this niche to
their portfolio and continue to get
great results WITHOUT Pressure
or knocking on doors..

You get the complete marketing
package ready to Close Deals in
this Lucrative Market..
No Cold
Calling and Fulfilment is All 
Done For You too..

Along with the Detailed Training
you get Prospecting Materials, Plus
a Five Part "How To Sell"Training 
Video Course Detailing their Proven
Closing Tactics for This Niche..

You even get a DFY Niche Website 
that you can Charge Recurring Fees
For Or Sell For Top Dollar!

This system removes all the road
blocks to rapid client acquisition. 
Puts the Whole Process on Auto
Pilot so Business Keeps Coming
In..  See It All & Save Big Early
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These trusted software creators are
always bringing quality too!  This
Next-Gen (AI Based) 3D Animated
Character and Video Maker is a No
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Instantly Generate Unlimited
Animated 3D Characters and
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to your clients...

First to Market - AI Based Image
To Cartoon Converter 
Commercial License so you could
Sell Unlimited Videos to Unlimited

Just A Few Features;
- AI Powered Explainer Videos
- AI Animated-Character Generator
- Copyright Fr.e.e Visual Content
- Complete Design Suite In Built
- Image To Sketch Converter
- AI Text To Speech Converter
- One-Click Download
- 2M+ HD Stock Images
- 1M+ HD Stock Videos
And Much More

Save Thousands On Expensive
3D Character and Video Apps like
RenderForest, Biteable, Animoto,
Canva and other video maker sites.

Offer Video Marketing Services
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Generate & Customize Unlimited 
3D Animated Characters For Your
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====Top Seller / Use For Client Content ===
DFY Product, Proven Success Topic
DFY New Broad-Appeal Business
and Self Development Content that's 
Perfect for Social Media Promos,
Client Promos and More.

Whether they be business owners
or common internet users, this is
a topic that's proven to help anyone
excel in work or any other activity.

Proven Concept for Decades Now:
Everyone from Sports Stars to Biz
Owners have used these proven
methods to achieve their goals..

A Complete Guide to the Secrets
of "Finding Your Flow" so one
can Stay On Their Game and Get
a Competitive Advantage..

Detailing subjects like;
- Understanding the concept of Flow
- 10 characteristics of the Flow state.
- 4 areas of your life that can benefit
- Boost your creativity Using Flow.
- 5 Benefits of being in the Flow.
- How to discover your Flow Triggers.
- How to reduce the fear of failure.
- 5 Little-Known tips for finding Flow
- 10 Strategies to get into the Flow
- Keeping Your brain be in a Flow
- Maintain a constant state of Flow.
- The ‘PBT’ concept for laser focus.
- Manage stress & overcome burnout.
- Understanding & managing distractions.
- Handling setbacks and obstacles

And there's much much more..

Your Own Professionally Created
.  Perfect For Social
Campaigns..  DFY PLR Content that
You and Your Clients Can Use for
Promos, Ads, Brand Building and
Lead Gen Efforts (Full DFY Info

- High Quality Ebook 
- DFY Sales Video
- Resource Cheat Sheet
- Mindmap
- Ready-Made Salesletter
- Thank You Page
- Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
- High-Quality Pro Graphics
- Quality Articles
- Promotional Email Swipes
and more

Use for Promo Content for All
Types of Businesses in All Kinds
of Niches, Applies to Everyone!!

Containing proven and practical
suggestions that will directly effect
the success one achieves.. 

A Super Value and a Smart Buy with
info that's been proven over the years
to Help You, Your Clients & Customers
be more Successful in Uncertain Times.
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brand loyalty.

Press Release Mastery - 10 MP4s
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Overdrive, Increase Your Backlinks,
Create A Huge Amount Of Exposure
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Twitter Profits Hacks PDF - 68Pgs:
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The Ethical Way to Make Money with
Facebook - 12P Page Report:
Learn the
straightforward way to make money on
social media websites like Facebook with
out spamming.

Money Management for Millennials
: 10 Day PLR Ecourse: Learn how
to manage our money and get in control
of your debts. 

10 Eco Friendly Finance PLR Articles:
10 Eco-Friendly Finance PLR Articles
that you can use as website or blog content,
you could even turn into short reports to
be sold or given away.

Thanks For Taking a Look..
Your Success is My Success
Nick (Mann) Mancuso 



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sale of these products.. I have taken the time to choose only offers that give 
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will vary.


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