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Published: Sun, 11/27/22


This will be closing soon so if you
haven't see it yet, now's the time..
This never seen before tool provides
a service that Generates More Sales
for ANY Business..  And it does the
hard work for you Using AI..

Right Now, Service Unlimited
Businesses with the Commercial
License they're including..

The need for businesses to have a
mobile friendly, real-time interactive
appointment booking and scheduling
feature on their websites is in big
demand right now....

This Saves & Makes a Business
Money - 
It Saves Money on their
Employee Costs
and it Makes them
Money by Capturing the Potential
 they are currently missing
out on..

Offer This To Many Businesses..
- Physicians Offices
- Dental Offices
- Attorneys
- Child Services
- Tax & Accounts
- Auto Mechanics
- Salons / Spas
- Fitness / Gyms
- Entertainment
- Hotels / Resorts
and Many More..

Any Business or Professional that
requires a meeting, appointment
or service time
! Even manages
virtual meetings!!

Offer All the Bells & Whistles 
so you could get Top Dollar for
your services..

- AI Does The Hard Work
- Real-Time Notifications
- Accept Payment Integration 
- Create Video Appt Pages
- Client Management Portal
- Accept Group Bookings
- Personalized Booking URLs
- Zoom & Google Calendars
- Comm Lic / Unlimited Clients
and much more

Incredible Opportunity, Do this for
- Search "dentists"in your area,
see how many have a mobile friendly, 
appointment booking and scheduling
function that allows you to make an
appointment without picking up the

You’ll be Shocked how many of the
websites are still living in the dark
ages when it comes to online booking
and appointment scheduling.. That's
why it's a golden opportunity!!

Bank Easy Monthly Income by
solving a huge problem for these

Everything comes built-in here,.
the AI let's it scape the websites
without a booking system and it
Creates booking pages for them.
See it All on the Page / Save Early
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==== w/ Client Catching Kit =====
Use for Video Creation and More
See this massive DFY Visuals
Bundle.. Grab this now, before
the sale ends on this collection
of new pro-edited images.

Use these for everything from
social media services to websites,
Video Creation and more..

They've even added a Service
Start Up Kit for local consultants
to Catch and Close New Clients..

Access Over 3500 Professionally
Cut Out Images (more flexible to
use in various promotions)..

Plus they've all been categorized
in to 20 Local Business Niches

PLUS they're giving you over 
1500 Bonus images too (you'll
see on the page)..

Constantly Generate Top-Quality
Visual Content for All Types of 
Businesses..These work perfectly
for Video Creation as well..

They are even including a Client
Getting Blueprint 
w/ client closing
resources included, See it All Now
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====== Get in Before Close =======
 AI Tool Builds Unlimited Biz Videos
The price is still crazy low for the
unlimited access you'll get here..

This brilliant software tool will 
increase profits for Anyone that's
Working with Clients..

There's incredible profit potential
here. This Break-though AI Video
Tool Does the Video Creation and

A First To Market Software that
Combines the Power of  Video
with the Simplicity of AI..

Let's you pump-out Unlimited
Client Videos and Charge Top
Dollar with Minimal Effort..

Brand New, A.I Based Video
Marketing Technology
you Create Videos Directly
From Any Keywords.. 

You really need to see this tool
work on the sales page demo..

This has Tons of Features that
allow you to Create Lighting
Speed, Scroll-Stopping Videos
in Literally Seconds..

Creates super fast videos from
URL's, your Images, Keywords
and more.. See the demo

One Tool Does It All w/ Built-In
Video Editor, 150 Text To Speech
Voices, Watermarks, Logos, Back
Ground Music, Auto Re-Sizing 
Options and More..

Right now there's Zero Recurring
Costs to Use this for Unlimited
Clients and Projects - See Demo
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====== Video Marketing Gold ======
Consultant's Must / 3-Year Case Study
Wow this is a true video marketing
gem, even though it details video
marketing in general, it still very
much applies to business video..

Highly Valuable Video Marketing
"Case Study" that you'll want to
add, if you're working with video
clients at all (or you plan to)... 

It's actually a priceless training
that took this long-time marketer
3 Years to document..

This new Insider YouTube Know-
How comes from His Experience
using the platform to grow his own
business (See Proof on the sales
over the course of the last 
3 years...

A Brand New for 2022, Step by
Step Video Training series based
on his own case study. Revealing
All the Best Strategies & Methods
for Setting Up and Maintaining a 
Successful Youtube Channel..

These are all over the shoulder,
tested techniques and methods 
that are proven to work for any 
business in 2022 and beyond..

Full First-Hand, 3 Year Case
Study will Cover Everything;

- Start-Up Tube Techniques
- Subscriber Attraction
- Monetizing Channels
- Get Fast / Traffic
- Branding Any Business
- Maintaining Engagement
- Tested Content Techniques
and More

Priceless Info that will increase
your value and enhance your 
capabilities as a youtube expert

He also added ways that he gets
F.r.e.e traffic in ANY Business
Niche and then monetizes that
traffic (all backed by full proof
in this incredible case study)..

This is perfect for Consultants
that want to be up to date with
the current tips and tricks using
youtube (could apply to you or
your clients channels)  See the
Proof on the page and Save Big
on This Limited Launch Special
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1) Social Media Stories for Marketers
10 MP4s (with Resell Rights): 10 Video
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media stories and use it to grow an 
audience and brand loyalty.

2) Press Release Mastery - 10 MP4s
Plus Articles (w/ Resell Rights): Use
in ANY Niche Increase Traffic, Build 
Backlinks, Create Exposure For  Any
Client/Site Using This Insider Course.

3) Paid Advertising Workshop - MP4
Video Course w/ Ebook (Resell Rights)
Dominate Paid Advertising And Turn
On An Instant Flood Of Traffic to Any
Site You'd Like..

4) Twitter Profits Hacks - 68Pgs: Full
Report on Smart and Simple profit hacks
to boost conversions and ROI with Twitter.
Perfect for Client Lead-Bait..

5) Make Money with Facebook Short
Report: Straightforward way to
make money on social media websites
like Facebook without spamming.

6) Money Management for Millennials 
10 Day PLR Ecourse: Detailing how to
manage your money and get in control
of  the debt that most millennials have.

7) TEN Eco Friendly Finance Articles
New PLR Content - Use these articles
for any purpose or project at all.. 

PLUS SEVEN MORE Not Listed Here!

Thanks for looking today..
Your Success is My Success
Nick (Mann) Mancuso << Over 200 Niches  << +90 Deals < Our Blog



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